Amazing Elderflower Syrup – Low Sugar

It’s the Time of the year, where you can find the beautiful fragrant Elderflower everywhere. This recipe is absolutely amazing, already because it’s low on Sugar. You can use your easy Homemade syrup in Teas, in salad dressings, in a glass of champagne with mint & lime slices, make it into a Lemonade or add it to your Soda water for a refreshing taste. It also has a lot of health benefits.

What you need:

1 organic Orange, washed

1 organic Lemon, washed

A bunch of Elderflowers, thickest stems removed, about 20

1 Liter or 4 Cups of Filtered or fresh Water

400gr. or 2 Cups of Raw Sugar ( you could also use raw Honey)

First, take a plate or a napkin and lightly shake each Elderflower over the plate. This makes sure that just in case hiding bugs are removed. Do not shake to harshly, otherwise you will lose too much pollen, and this is what gives the syrup its great taste. Then slice your Orange & Lemon into medium thin slices. Add your Elderflowers, mixed with the Citrus slices into a large enough Mason Jar. Boil your Water in a Kettle or in a Pot. Mix the hot water with the Sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the sugar water over the flowers and citrus fruits, make sure all is covered. Close the Jar airtight and let it cool off. Once cooled, set it into the fridge for 2 days. Shake the syrup once a day. Strain the syrup through a very fine sieve. Squeeze all the moister out of the Elderflower and citrus fruits and discard the leftover. Fill into sterilized bottles.


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