Velvet Berry Mimosa Jam Spread

Dip your Croissant into this glamorous vegan fruit jam spread, or spread the jam on to a lovely butterd toast.  A velvety, creamy smooth mimosa jam that makes Sunday breakfast a little more special.



what you need for 2 jars:

2 sterilized mason jars

1 cup dry champagne

2 cups of unsweetened, frozen mixed berries. ( blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberry, red currants….)

6 1/2 cane sugar or white sugar

2 apples, peeled

1 vanilla bean or 1/2 tsp vanilla paste


In a pot add your berries and the sugar. Finely grate the apples to the berries. Add the champagne and sugar to the berries. Slice the vanilla bean open and scrap the pods out and add them to your pot with the berries ( or add the vanilla paste). Bring the mixture to a soft boil, and cook for about 15-20min ( stirring occasionally. With a stick blender, purée the jam until all is smooth. Press the jam through a sieve to make it velvety. Fill the jam hot into your jars, let the cool upside down.


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