Cajun Black Bean-Turkey Burger

 This Burger is juicy, and full of Flavors. Topped with fresh grilled pineapple, fresh salsa, cheese and avocado slices. Grill it on a charcoal grill to give it even more flavor.


what you need:

1 cup cooked black beans

1 garlic clove

1/2 white onion

1 pound turkey breast

1 3/4 tsp Cajun seasoning

1 tbs fresh chopped parsley

1 egg

fresh pineapple slices

avocado slices

cheese slices

olive oil

fresh salsa


I made these Buns by Roxanas Homebaking. I just added 1 tsp dried Rosemary, 1 tsp dried garlic, 1/2 tsp sugar. While cooling on the wired wrack, I covered them with a clean kitchen towel, so the warm steam is making them soft.


In a blender, blend the black beans, onion, garlic, egg,parsley, turkey breast and Cajun seasoning until it’s a smooth meat dough. With wet hands form burger patties. Add a little olive oil on to your grill, to prevent them from sticking.Grill them on each side for about 3-5 min, depending the sice of your patties. Add a slice of cheese 1 min before taking them off the grill. Keep them warm. Grill your pineapple with a little olive oil on each side. Set your bun with the pineapple, pattie, avocado and salsa.




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