Beetroot-Bannana Pancakes

These colorful pancakes are super delicious. They are moist and fluffy and don’t taste like beetroots, but sure is a superfood breakfast!



what you need:

1 raw peeled beetroot, cut in cubes

1 ripe medium banana

3 tbs  apple juice

3 tbs melted butter

1 egg

3 tbs whole milk

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbs raw honey

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 cup wholegrain spelt flour


In in a blender ( I use the magic bullet), add your banana, beetroot and apple juice. Blend until you have a fine paste. In a large enough bowl, add your flour and baking powder, mix evenly! Add all your wet ingredients and mix well with a whisk to make a thick batter. Cook your pancakes on a flat  lightly buttered griddle on medium-high heat.  They will be ready to turn when you see a few bubbles on top of the pancake. Keep the ones warm that are done already. Serve with raspberrys and maple syrup or like me with fresh pomegranate,mango and maple syrup.


Tip: Make these gluten free, by  using ground gluten free oatmeal.

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