Cloudy chocolate-toffee bites

This beautiful cloudy bites, come with a great crunch outside and chewy middle.



What you need:

3 eggs

The weight of your 3 egg whites of powderd sugar

1/2 cup toasted crushed nuts like pecans, almonds

2 tablespoon chocolate powder

1/2 cup toffee or caramel crumbs

1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

So I make my merengue like this :
I weigh my egg whites and add the double amount of powderd sugar, while fluffing up the whites with a Mixer until I have stiff glossy peaks.
When I have my merengue done, I take a big platter and mix my topping ingredients together .
I spread it out on a plater. Then I will take a fluffy tablespoon of my merengue, and just roll it over my toppings. With a spoon or finger I place them on a parchment paper baking tray ( ball shape) that’s it! You can make them small or big. Bake them on 100 Celsius/210 Fahrenheit. Depending on your size and oven, about 30-45 min. You know when they are done the should come easy of the parchment paper…
Good luck

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