Melon-Shrimp-Cucumber Salad

The crunch and sweetness of the Melon combined with the Shrimps, makes this a perfect summer Salad


what you need:

1/2 of a cold honeydew melon 
1/2 cup of cocktail shrimps ( cooked)
1/2 of a cold cucumber ( peeled)
5  large finely chopped mint leaves
2 tablesp. finely chopped flat leave parsley
salt and pepper
4 tablesp. of fresh lemon juice
2 tablesp. of extra virgin olive oil

cut the melon into cubs and add it  to a bowl. cut the cucumber in half and slice it up ( not to thin) or cut it as well in large cubes. add the cucumber  cubes to  the melon. now add all other ingredients ( except for salt and pepper)  and mix well. season with a little salt and pepper and mix again. it’s ready to serve!

yum, healty and refreshing….. enjoy  🙂


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