mediterranean potato salad and wels filet

This is just an Beautiful dish, with many great flavors



what you need:

2 punds or 1 kg of waxy potato

2 garlic cloves

1 onion ( minced)

4 tablesp. lemon juice

1 cup cherry tomatos (cut in half)

1 yellow and red roasted pepper ( tuorial how to do it right here in this video: i roast in  the oven)  cut in stripes

1/4 cup finely fresh chopped parsley

2-3 wels filet

1/4 pound of sliced parma ham

1 teasp. of fresh chopped rosmary

1 tyme twig for every fish piece and 1/2 teasp. for the salad

6 tablesp. olive oil ( two for the fish and 4 for the salad)

1 handful of fresh basil roughly chopped

1/2 teasp. salt and pepper

wash the potatos and cook them for about 25 min. rinse them with cold water and let them cool off a bit. when they still warm peel off the skin and cut them into chunks. in a bowl press the garlic, add the onion,lemon juice 2-3 tablesp. cold water,olive oil, salt and pepper. stir to combine and pour over the potatoes and mix. let it rest fo about 20 min. add the peppers, tomatos, herbals and mix well. taste it and  add more salt and pepper if need.

for the fish: wash and dry the wels with an paper towel. season slightly with salt and pepper. cut each wels filet, fitted to an slices of parma ham. on the slice parma ham sprinkle with tyme, add on top the fish. heat the pan on medium-high heat with 2 tablesp. of olive oil. stir-fry the side with the ham first, when brown and crispy turn till the wels is done ( do not over cook or the fish will get dry, about 6 min on every side, depending on the thickness of the fish.)

serve with the salad, good luck 🙂

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